MAS GS-35F-0481L Contract Information

Contract:  MAS GS-35F-0481L

Contract Information:
Contractor: Amyx, Inc. (MAS GS-35F-0481L)
Address: 1768 Business Center Drive, Suite 300
Address: Reston, VA 20190
Web Site: Click for Rates and Contract Information
Ordering & Sales Locations: 1768 Business Center Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190Rosalind KadasiPhone: (703) 373-1984
Fax: (571) 612-4365
Prompt Pay: 0% net 30 days
Time of Delivery: Specified in negotiated delivery/task orders
FOB: Destination
Business size: Small

Products or Services:

Amyx, Inc. (Amyx)

GSA Federal Supply Service Schedule for

Contract No. GS-35F-0481L

Amyx Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Program Office:

Rosalind Kadasi 703-373-1984

Mailing Address:

Amyx, Inc.

1768 Business Center Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190

Attn: Rosalind Kadasi

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Contract Overview

Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Codes

D302 IT Systems Development Services

D306 IT Systems Analysis Services

D307 Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services

D308 Programming Services

D310 IT Backup and Security Services

D311 IT Data Conversion Services

D316 IT Network Management Services

D317 Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services

D399 Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Labor Categories

Ordering Instructions

Company Overview

Contract Overview: Amyx is a qualified supplier on the General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Schedule and has been awarded Contract No. GS-35F-0481L. The current contract ordering period is from June 2001 through June 2006. Through this GSA schedule contract, Government customers can contract with Amyx easily, efficiently, and economically for their IT needs. Amyx offers a full suite of IT and systems integration services to address the challenges and needs of Government managers. Our service areas reflect a combination of our functional expertise in organizational and business management and our leading-edge technical expertise in every phase of the information technology lifecycle to provide our customers with the IT solutions they need to run their businesses and make the most of their dollars.

IT Services Categories: Amyx offers Professional IT Services in nine focus areas which, in total, provide a comprehensive approach to providing IT-related services and support. Our service areas include:

FPDS Code D302 IT Systems Development Services

Amyx offers a comprehensive range of IT system development tasks for both Government and commercial customers. By studying and analyzing current and planned IT systems, we help our clients design, revise, and implement IT solutions that are more effective and less costly to support. We provide the following types of IT systems development services:

  • System design, including economic analysis, alternative design and architecture concepts, assessment of integration opportunities, and network design
  • Data modeling, data administration and quality studies, data center or repository planning and development, data management and warehousing, and records management
  • Rapid prototyping, proof-of-concept, and pilot system development and assessment
  • Internet/intranet and groupware design, planning, and implementation
  • Implementation planning, including risk analysis, deployment plans, site survey and preparation, and system considerations
  • Program management, including technical acquisition and management expertise
  • Implementation of unique or customized applications, including database planning and design
  • Web-based systems implementation

FPDS Code D306 – IT Systems Analysis Services

Amyx delivers a set of services to support analyses and design of IT solutions ranging from a single business system to entire mission or enterprise-wide systems. Amyx uses appropriate tools and best practice methodologies to determine requirements, perform information strategic planning, assess business needs and select and design appropriate solutions. We focus on understanding the customer’s current capabilities, requirements, and future goals, then apply the appropriate technologies and methodologies to design the optimal systems solution. Examples of our specific services include the following:

  • Requirements Analysis – We provide a variety of requirements analysis services, including requirements definition, requirements reviews, and requirements traceability.
  • System Design and Engineering – Using the most appropriate COTS hardware, software, and network components, Amyx develops the most suitable system architectures, designs, and implementations to satisfy a customer’s business needs. Our systems design and engineering methodology provides a complete documentation trail from system architecture and design descriptions, requirements specifications, and enterprise model descriptions to the lower-level design descriptions and software specifications.
  • Information Engineering – We provide information engineering (IE) services to include information strategy planning and business area analysis. We support requirements planning, applications design, and application development techniques as part of our analysis and design approach. Amyx provides expertise in enterprise modeling, business process modeling and data modeling using structured and object-oriented modeling techniques and methodologies. During business process modeling, Amyx identifies high-level activities of the organization, and functionally decomposes them to capture the lower-level business processes. During data modeling, we capture the logical view of the organization’s data, apply data warehousing techniques to provide enterprise-level reporting, and use entity-relationship diagrams to provide the data relationship logic on which applications are built.
  • Technical Reengineering – Amyx assesses the hardware, application and data architectures, and information and technology needs for potential reengineering projects. As appropriate, we use economic analyses, business case analyses, technical alternative analyses, and decision analysis to support each reengineering opportunity.

FPDS Code D307 – Automated Information Systems Design and Integration

Amyx offers enabling technology services to assist organizations in leveraging technology to improve information access and information transformation processes. We assist Government managers, systems administrators and business process owners in identifying and implementing appropriate solutions for their specific organizations and circumstances.

Amyx capabilities provide for analysis and planning, customization of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, and training and implementation support for both turn key implementations and system enhancements. We frequently work with Government personnel in teams to ensure successful solution implementation and knowledge-transfer throughout development, implementation and sustainment phases. These efforts are supplemented by best practice change management strategies and methodologies. Examples of our specific services include:

  • Document Imaging, Workflow & Document Management – Planning and implementation support services for document imaging, workflow, and document management technologies. Amyx will conduct and support the needs assessment, conduct business case analysis, shape the vision, identify and implement the technology, including assistance in business process reengineering, document as is and to be systems, and support change management planning and implementation. During implementation, we leverage existing assets and integrate new technologies in creating best of class solutions.
  • Electronic Commerce (EC)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – Providing services to support the evaluation, selection, and implementation of a wide range of electronic commerce solutions, including EDI. Specific activities include: assessing and recommending appropriate standards, selecting the optimal subset of transactions from within the standard, selecting the appropriate translation software and necessary technical architecture, and formalizing trading partner agreements with agency business partners.
  • Inter/Intranet – Providing workforce enabling Internet and Intranet capabilities to enhance communication and information access/exchange across complex organizations. We will assist in planning new sites, upgrading current sites, systems implementation and installation, and training for staff and administrators.
  • Groupware – Enhancing an organizations ability to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate business processes within and beyond organizational boundaries, for a variety of business objectives, such as improving overall business results, establishing long range strategic plans, and facilitating meetings regardless of geographic dispersion. Amyx will quickly identify optimum solutions which provide the maximum impact for the organization, and support all aspects of product implementation or facilitation services for groupware solutions most appropriate for a customers work environment. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, Amyx is especially well qualified to support Microsoft SharePoint implementations.

FPDS Code D308 – Programming Services

Amyx can provide a wide variety of services to assist organizations in all aspects of software development from rapid prototyping, to the development of customized applications, to supporting application migration from legacy to open platforms. In support of our software development efforts, Amyx has access to an extensive set of software development tools, standards, and methodologies. Specific areas of expertise include COTS integration and tailoring, systems programming, Internet and Intranet applications, and graphical user interface (GUI) development.

FPDS Code D310 IT Backup and Security Services

Security tops the list of information technology priorities these days. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Information drives your business, and protecting it is essential to your ongoing success. Amyx offers a full suite of services designed to help you identify areas where critical IT and business resources are exposed to risk and to create actionable steps for improvement. Our IT security services include: enterprise risk assessments, regulatory compliance, technical security assessments, and information availability assessments. Our experts can analyze your current environment, processes and planning efforts (comparing them against industry standards and best practices), and develop specific recommendations for locating your weaknesses, reducing your vulnerabilities and improving security and privacy throughout the organization. Our assessment processes can help you: enhance protection against internal and external threats, improve the reliability and usability of mission-critical business and IT assets, mitigate risk, and avoid costs and lost productivity associated with disruptions.

FPDS Code D311 – IT Data Conversion Services

Amyx offers technical data management and development services that entails full life-cycle support for the development and implementation of data requirements for both small and large scale automated data processing systems. Amyx data services include data modeling, data standardization, data management, data warehousing, and database development. These services can be provided as part of a combined data solution package that is tailored to the needs of the enterprise, or as stand alone initiatives. Our broad knowledge of both commercial and Government data standards and services and of best of class tools and methodologies, allows us to provide vendor independent solutions.

Amyx recognizes data, meta data and data management as a cornerstone of the enterprise IT suite. The capability to support the enterprise rests on the use and accessibility of data and data management techniques. Examples of our specific services that support data and data management include the following:

  • Data Modeling – Developing and applying the customers logical view of data to reflect the information structure of an enterprise. Amyx provides data modeling strategy, planning, and integration. These tasks are accomplished using best of class tools and methodologies that are used to identify and determine essential data model relationships.
  • Data Standardization – Designing, documenting, reviewing, and approving unique names, definitions, characteristics, and representations of data elements according to established procedures and conventions. Our services assist the customer in application of standardization procedures that provide a framework for increased data integration and re-use.
  • Data Management – Providing control, review, and integration of data, data models, architectures, languages, interfaces, and systems environments. Amyx data management services assist the enterprise in developing an environment that optimizes data accessibility, integrity, transformation and security.
  • Data Warehousing – Centralizing storage and retrieval systems for historical business information. Warehousing services provide the customer with a database solution that stores business information in a way that authorized personnel can query pertinent questions concerning the information stored.
  • Database Design and Implementation – Designing and implementing databases in an integrated process with the development of an automated data processing system that optimizes storage, availability, and integrity of enterprise data.

FPDS Code D316 – IT Network Management Services

Amyx offers a set of technical services to assess, evaluate, and improve the business and technical processes and products associated with distributed networked computing and corresponding telecommunications services. We approach distributed network computing solutions from a business process perspective, offering solutions and providing judgments based on our knowledge of both commercial and Government systems development and operations. Examples of our specific services include the following:

  • Network Analysis and Capacity Planning – Conducting network analyses to identify deficiencies, redundancies, and discrepancies of communications systems against an established set of user, contract, program, or functional requirements.
  • Network Architecture – Designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Network solutions to include essential networking components such as routers, gateways, switches, bridges, hubs, concentrators, repeaters, CSU/DSU, and multiplexors.
  • Network Management – Designing and implementing in and out-of-band network management systems to facilitate client/server administration, software distribution and licensing, operations center network monitoring, and the installation of messaging, risk management, and other network-centric platforms.
  • Electronic Commerce/Internet/Intranet – Establishing the architecture required for Internet or Intranet presence. We provide services to establish World Wide Web servers, Domain Name Service, Gateway setup and structure, addressing strategies, and TCP/IP connectivity as a platform for corporate information management services.
  • COTS/GOTS Integration and Tailoring – Providing the resources to integrate COTS and GOTS products within a customers existing information system solution. Our services include the evaluation, selection, initial configuration setup, and testing of the appropriate COTS software to satisfy customer needs. We are experts in middleware solutions to provide seamless integration between COTS, GOTS, and new development comprising the customers enterprise solution.
  • Internet/Intranet Applications – Developing HTML-based server applications with the capability to integrate with corporate and public databases.

FPDS Code D317 Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services

Amyx offers a variety of automated news, data, and other information services. We have the expertise and experience to provide our customers with customized solutions while providing specialized services such as:

  • Risk analysis, security assessments, and vulnerability assessments
  • System accreditation and certification support
  • System security, disaster recovery, continuity of operations, and configuration management planning and documentation
  • Design, development, and implementation of a security solution, including Public Key Infrastructure and directory services
  • Information security awareness training
  • Administration and maintenance of critical security components of the infrastructure, including firewalls, routers, and host-based and application-based security
  • Design, development, and implementation of data backup, off-site storage, and recovery procedures for networks
  • Design, development, and maintenance of password and user account policies.

FPDS Code D399 – Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

  • Systems Strategic and Migration Planning
    Amyx provides the expertise and experience to help Government managers think through the challenges of their specific IT programs before they commit valuable time and resources to executing a potential solution. Amyx offers a wide range of tailorable services designed to help Government managers identify alternative solutions, determine resource requirements, select the appropriate strategy, and communicate the course of action to all stakeholders and participants.
  • Acquisition and Project Management
    Amyx offers an array of services designed to assist clients in acquiring and managing automated data processing (IT) systems projects throughout their full acquisition and systems lifecycles. The Amyx approach combines the latest acquisition techniques from DoD 5000 series guidance, non-Defense acquisition policy, and commercial best practices in systems acquisition and program management, providing our clients with the highest possible level of management expertise and support. Examples of our services include: requirements determination, acquisition planning, program baselining, program control, program reporting, risk management, and portfolio alignment.
  • System Evaluation and Selection
    Amyx offers a range of services to assist clients in acquiring automated data processing (IT) systems. Services are available for acquisitions that may necessitate new development to address the customers requirements as well as the selection of existing Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems. Services are available throughout the entire procurement process from requirements preparation and documentation through system selection. Amyx works with customer evaluation and selection teams to plan and assess the evaluation and selection process, facilitate sessions to develop requirements, prepare necessary acquisition documentation and prepare analyses to support system evaluation. Specific examples of services offered in this area include: requirements development and documentation, business case analysis, development and application of decision criteria, and system/solution selection.
  • Systems Assurance
    Amyx offers a set of technical services to assess, evaluate, and improve the business and technical processes and products associated with the full lifecycle development of large scale automated data processing (IT) systems. Amyx conducts independent quality reviews, assurance audits, and assessment services to assist organizations in managing technical, schedule, and cost performance through early identification of program risks and focused performance monitoring. Examples of our specific services include the following: independent test management, independent verification and validation (IV&V), metrics determination and management, configuration management and process assessments.
  • Business and Software Process Management/Improvement/Reengineering
    Amyx offers functional and technical services to assess, plan, and implement business process management, business process reengineering and software process improvement efforts for software development and maintenance organizations. We use our extensive knowledge of commercial and Government operations to establish sound technical and managerial processes, and to continually improve processes to achieve increasing levels of effectiveness.

Labor Categories: Amyx offers 21 labor categories to quickly provide a variety of information technology services. The wide range of labor categories enable Amyx to assemble a team with the right expertise and experience to meet your unique task requirements. To view the complete list of labor categories and rates offered by Amyx under this schedule, go to the Amyx IT Schedule catalog on our web site here.

Ordering Instructions: GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the government procurement process to a few simple steps. While GSA Federal Supply Service has already determined Amyx rates to be fair and reasonable, ordering offices must determine that the total price is reasonable for the specific tasks required by the agency. The following are simplified procedures for placing an order:

1. Orders under $2500:

– Prepare a Statement of Work of your choice and place order directly with contractor for the item that best meets your needs.

2. Orders over $2500:

To ensure a “Best Value” determination is made, as required by FAR 8.404:

– Prepare s Statement of Work
– Send Request For Quotes to at least 3 contractors
– Review the Schedule Contractor quotes received
– Consider price, plus administrative costs
– Select the contractor who provides you the “Best Value”
– Place order directly with contractor

Ordering & Sales Location:

Amyx, Inc. (Amyx)
1768 Business Center Drive
Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190

ATTENTION: Rosalind Kadasi
Phone: 703-373-1984
Fax: 571-612-4365

If desired, GSA Regional Offices are available to assist the agency during the procurement process under a fee-for-service agreement, but GSA is not required to be involved in any of the steps outlined above.

Blanket Purchase Agreements: Federal Supply Schedule contracts contain BPA provisions to maximize your administrative and purchasing savings. This feature permits schedule users and contractors to set up “accounts” to fill a “reoccurring requirement.” These accounts establish a period for the BPA and generally address issues, such as frequency of ordering and invoicing, authorized callers, discounts, delivery locations and time. Agencies may qualify for the best quantity/volume discounts available under the contract, based on the potential volume of business that may be generated through such an agreement, regardless of the size of the individual orders. In addition, agencies may be able to secure a discount higher than that available in the contract based on the aggregate volume of business possible under the BPA.

Please contact the Amyx Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Program Office at 703-373-1984 or visit our web site for assistance and additional information on ordering our management, organizational and business improvement services.

Company Overview: Since our founding in 1999, Amyx has become a preferred provider of practical and responsive business and technology solutions to assist organizations in reengineering their business processes and implementing solutions required to create and sustain a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing global market place. Most Amyx consultants have over 25 years of experience, and many are retired government or military personnel with in-depth knowledge of government and best commercial business systems, processes and practices. We believe that service to the government can make a difference and we strive to exceed or client’s expectations in every job we endeavor. Amyx provides management & technical solutions to meet your needs. We tailor or experience and partner with our clients from the initial planning stages through implementation. Our methodology begins by defining the precise business need, defining an appropriate program strategy, complete with management, technology, metrics and quality loop components, and then choosing and appropriate sound business solution to implement the requirement.

More information about Amyx can be found on the internet at