Reston, March 16, 2021 – As we entered 2021, Amyx personnel in key DHA locations including Falls Church, VA, San Antonio, TX, and Aurora, CO have been providing continuous support in helping the Department of Defense fight the spread of COVID-19. Amyx teams are applying more innovative ways to accelerate procurements, streamline interagency agreements, and use predictive modeling to support DHA’s resource management decisions.

Recently, the Amyx Team completed an extension of an Interagency Support Agreement to provide support for the OCONUS transport and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine providing support with Operation Warp Speed, with estimated costs of $15M for FY 2021. Additional support agreement requests for similar requirements are expected in the coming weeks, to include support to deliver COVID-19 pharmaceutical and therapeutic agents to Military Medical Treatment Facilities in the very near future.

Amyx also supports efforts that allow for real time modeling and predictive analysis on how COVID-19 might affect the DHA force on decision-making for all aspects of COVID-19 operations, such as resource management (workforce, material, funding), capacity management, organizational policy, etc., that could have a significant impact on the healthcare of patients and providers over the next 18 to 24 months. These efforts are helping establish a standardized way to perform deep modeling of expected disease burden, patient demand, and impact on inpatient bed availability, staff, and supplies across the healthcare sector.

Amyx’s Acquisition Planning and Support Office (APSO) COVID-19 Request Response Team is dedicated to priority handling of COVID-19 procurement requests. To date, the team has completed procurement package reviews and processed over 1,700 requirements through the DHA Requisition Development Tool (RDT) and the Military Health System (MHS) Customer Portals. To-date, the anticipated dollar value of COVID related requirements well exceeds $205M for award in early FY 2021.

William Schaefer, Amyx’s CEO & President, said “despite all of the challenges of COVID-19, Amyx employees have not only weathered the pandemic themselves, but are making a significant and positive impact by helping DoD manage the impacts of the virus. A lot of the experiences and lessons learned from our acquisition practice have helped our DHA teams find new ways of enhancing DHA’s procurement processes. These efforts are helping to get critical vaccines out to our nation’s military and in keeping our nation secure.”

Due to their hard work and dedication, the team was commended by DHA as being extremely integral and valuable during this critical time.