Reston, VA – September 2, 2022 – Labor Day Message from Amyx CEO & President

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, employees, and partners for their hard work and dedication, as we celebrate Labor Day 2022.  Labor Day has a long history in America, starting in the latter parts of the 19th Century; in fact, the first known celebration occurred in New York City in 1882.  The first state to make it a holiday was Oregon, and 29 States adopted the holiday thereafter.  Nearly twelve years later, Congress passed an act in 1894 officially recognizing Labor Day as the first Monday in September.

The great strength of our National economy is our workforce.  From teachers and factory workers to scientists and IT professionals, hardworking Americans serve in a wide and diverse range of professions that are vital to protecting our national security, health, and quality of life.  By supporting our Country’s Defense and Federal agencies, each of our employees plays an important role in sustaining the growth and vitality of our economy and strength of our Nation’s security.

Labor Day serves as a time to honor and celebrate the achievements of our workforce and to reaffirm our commitment to supporting our government customers in their critical mission areas.  I’m proud of each employee who is an integral part of Amyx, a 2022 Washington DC metro area and USA Top Workplace.

As you spend time in your communities and enjoy time off with your friends and loved ones, I ask that you reflect on the history of Labor Day in America, and the men and women who sacrificed so much to build the America we know today. 


William Schaefer, CEO & President
Amyx, Inc.