Reston, VA – 2019 – Amyx, Inc., as a member of the Joint-Venture, 3A, LLC, along with Alpha Omega Integration, is pleased to announce a prime contract award on the prestigious $2.5 Billion dollar, Securities and Exchange Commission ONE OIT (Office of Information Technology) Contract. The ONE OIT Contract aims to speed up acquisition and reduce costs by slimming down hundreds of IT contracts to a limited group of awardees.

This contract will be an SEC wide strategic sourcing vehicle to provide a streamlined process to procure the comprehensive suite of IT services and solutions.  Task Orders will be competed to support IT systems and software development, across a multitude of environments and infrastructures.  The 3A Joint Venture was uniquely positioned to bid this significant contract, given the depth and breadth of capabilities brought forward by the JV, as well as its teammates.

“The SEC has been a fantastic client of Amyx for 5 years, and we are excited to continue to support this critical organization, with its diverse mission of protecting investors, maintaining fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitating capital formation,” said President & CEO, Satya Akula. “Additionally, the value that our Protégé, Alpha Omega Integration brings to the SEC, we are prepared to cover the full gamut of requirements as part of this contract.”