This Labor Day, Amyx celebrates the efforts of our employees, customers, and partners who form the basis of our nation’s strength. It is the dedicated support of our staff that continually make Amyx a Top Workplace.

In recognition of the national workforce, the establishment of Labor Day was rooted in the American labor movement, which sought to address working conditions involving long hours, six days a week, in dangerous conditions.  Labor Day officially became a national holiday in 1894 when it was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland that the first Monday in September would be a day to celebrate workers. The first Labor Day parade took place in Manhattan, and to this day, we hold parades and attend barbecues with friends and family while enjoying the unofficial transition from summer into autumn. This weekend, take a moment to reflect on the how far our workforce has come and celebrate the hard work that Amyx employees put in every day to support each other, our customers, and partners.