Amyx Chairman to be Moderator for PSC Spring Conference Panel

Reston, VA, March 14, 2012 – Amyx, Inc. Chairman, Scott Amey, will be acting as the moderator for one of the panels at Professional Services Council (PSC) Spring Conference being held March 18-20, 2012.  He will be moderating the panel as part of the Key Markets Overview –  A “forecast” from the customer perspective:  Key Civilian Agencies.   Joining him in the discussion will be Iris Cooper, Department of Veteran Affairs and Beth Anne Killoran, Department of Homeland Security.  The panelists will provide an overview of where their respective Departments will be headed over the next two years, including impacts of the Continuing Resolution and budget reductions with regard to requirements, priorities, and spend areas.

The Professional Services Council (PSC) is the national trade association of the government professional and technical services industry with the mission to provide unparalleled value to their members by being the leading advocate and resource for the federal professional and technical services—an area in which PSC has demonstrated unmatched credibility and effectiveness, both on Capitol Hill and throughout the federal agencies.