Amyx, Inc. Wins 2 Year Contract with the Department of Education (DoED)!

September 2012 —Amyx, Inc. announces its win of a two year task order for the Department of Education (DoED) Federal Student Aid (FSA) Enterprise Change Management (ECM) and Software Configuration Management (SCM).

Amyx, Inc. is delivering support for the Enterprise Operational Change Management (EOCM) Plan and the ECM Plan in addition to integrated processes to include the Lifecycle Management Methodology (LMM), VDC Change Control Review Board (CCRB), Project and Operations activities meeting and service management process.    

Additionally, Amyx is prepared to deliver SCM support services to the FSA Technology Office.  Amyx is prepared to identify the configuration of a system at discrete points in time for purposes of systematically controlling changes to this configuration and maintaining the integrity and traceability of this configuration throughout the system life cycle.

Amyx’s past experience with DoED and proven efficiency throughout our 13 years of service, places Amyx in the prime position to provide the required expertise and focused management approach to fulfill the needs of the DoED program.