September 2015 – Amyx, Inc. of Reston, Virginia was awarded its third major task order on the OASIS Small Business Pool 1 contract for Cyberspace Readiness Squadron (CYRS) Cyber Protection Team (CPT) for the United States Air Force (USAF). USAF cyber mission is more important today than ever with a greater emphasis on providing mission assurance, cyber assessment, network assistance, and crisis response in this ever-changing environment. Amyx’s CEO and President, Satya Akula, is “thrilled to be selected as the contractor for this groundbreaking and exciting work in providing expertise to support global cyberspace operations.

We are entering the USAF market at a crucial time where the Government requires a leader in providing cybersecurity services.” This work will be providing mission support to enable the 38th CYRS’ mission success through the baseline establishment and sustainment of infrastructure, tools, data, and processes.